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Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges have been operating in the field of educating students for last 37 years with 11 campuses and 100% results. When a society changes, then must its tools. Successful people have quickly adapted themselves to social changes. Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges have also been adopting new techniques and ways of imparting education like mobile learning, online creativity and are rapidly heading for digital literacy. Here, we teach thought, not content. We emphasize on interschool curricular, co- curricular and extra- curricular activities and project-based learning. We train our students to think, design their own learning pathways, create and do extraordinary things valuable to them in their place. Our students well know themselves, the world and their place in it. Here, every single student and family feels welcome. Our management, administration, teachers and parents are considered the agents of students' success.

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LUCKNOW PUBLIC COLLEGE, SEC.-E, AMRAPALI YOJNA was established in the year 2014. Its inauguration was done on 2nd April 2020 by the Hon'ble Founder Manager Sir Dr. S. P. Singh and Smt. Kanti Singh, Administrative Head and Member of Legislative Council. The total strength of students in the session 2020-2021 is 1548.

What are the facilities provided at LUCKNOW PUBLIC COLLEGE, SEC.-E, AMRAPALI YOJNA?

We have a huge campus with modern and earthquake resistant infrastructure along with a grand auditorium and a swimming pool. The competent team of talented, well qualified and experienced teachers and mentors is always willing to guide the students with full zeal. A big playground also adds to the physical grooming of the students.

What special do you offer that helps your school stand out from other schools in your area?

We, first of all, focus on the safety of students by assigning the task to our teachers and other employees as well. Moreover, we offer specialized unique classes and coursework. Besides, it has been our incessant endeavour to inculcate moral values and discipline among our students with a frequent introduction of different social activities related to the service to mankind and the community as well. Apart from this, during summer vacations, various summer camp activities are organised for the students in which our expert mentors train and guide the students towards perfection.

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